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Seth Penley

My wife and I have friends who take Google Map vacations. They will get on their computer and explore some place around the world with Google Maps and then choose street view. It’s a fun game that they play, but they know that street view on Google Maps will never be like actually being in that place. It’s just a shadow of the real experience.

Every time I have ever been able to travel, I am reminded of that reality. You will never know the power and beauty of a place until you go. And I am so thankful that I recently had the opportunity to go with a team to the Touch A Life Care Center in Ghana. Before we went, I took a few Google Map vacations through some of Ghana, but nothing prepared me for what I would experience when I was there.

Touch A Life ChildrenWe saw sights that could not be properly explained as portrayed in a picture. We met people that were magnificently sweet, kind, and generous. The sights, smells, and sounds will always reside with me. So for the people of Ghana, and more specifically, the staff and children at the Touch A Life Care Center, I will be eternally grateful. I heard heartbreaking stories that I still struggle to believe are a part of anyone’s experiences. I ate food that I fear I will never find the equal of here at home. I saw faces filled with the most joyous smiles I have ever seen.

None of these experiences were in my Google Maps vacation. And this is why I am so glad I went. Ghana is such a profoundly intriguing place, and Touch A Life is doing such important work in the lives of this next generation. I encourage you, if you have any opportunity, to go. Go see and feel and experience. And if you can’t, then give. Be a part of something beautiful and big and exciting.

Visit to see the many ways you can make a difference in the lives of Touch A Life children.

Home » News » Street View

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