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Celebrate Independence

March 6th is recognized as Ghana's Independence Day. In 1957, the Ghanaian people celebrated the end of colonial rule in their country, as they were the first nation in sub-saharan Africa to do so. On their very first Independence Day, Queen...

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Class assignment sheds light on modern-day slavery

When Blair Burney was asked to represent a non-profit organization as a project in her Public Relations Writing class, she realized she was given a great opportunity. Rather than simply complete the assignment with a random organization, Blair...

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Wish Dolls Made With Love

Ally, our art therapist at Connor's Creative Arts Center, has been busy! Our favorite project last week was the Wish Doll! Each girl at our Care Center in Ghana made her very own wish doll with fabric and yard. They wrote down a wish on a small...

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When Jonathan Grows Up

Meet Jonathan! Jonathan is a born leader who cares deeply for other kids at the Touch A Life Care Center. His favorite subject in school is math and he loves technology! He is a professional when it comes to the computer and he loves learning new...

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When Gideon Grows Up

This is Gideon! Gideon is an incredible leader. He is one of the oldest children at the Touch A Life Care Center and he is truly a role model on campus. He loves to explore new places and learn new things. He is also great dancer who loves music....

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When Wisdom Grows Up…

Meet Wisdom! Wisdom is a bright, intelligent young man. He does well in school and he particularly likes studying subjects like math and science. Wisdom enjoys reading, especially books about nature, animals, and history. Outside of school, William...

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Book Fair in Ghana

What do the Touch A Life children love more than almost anything? Books! We recently held a mini-book fair at the Care Center in Ghana with a shipment of donated books from International Book Project. Thank you to Susan Polous for facilitating this...

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