Building on the Basics in 2022!

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Thanks to our loyal supporters, we accomplished so many self-sustaining initiatives at the Care Center in 2021. While adhering to COVID-19 protocols (wearing masks,reducing visitors to the facility, washing hands frequently, quarantining as necessary), we were still able to knock out so many projects on our wish list. We are grateful to our staff in Ghana for their relentless work, and we are thankful to you for supporting our efforts. With your help we have built a large, durable chicken coop, a concrete pad for our new water filtration system, and have converted an existing shipping container into a storage unit to organize and protect dry goods and supplies.

Building on the Basics with New Projects!

Our self-sustaining initiatives have been so crucial to our success as an organization that we want to build on the basics at the Care Center. Here are the new projects we hope to tackle in 2022— the installation of a catfish farm and pineapple farm, as well as the purchase of a corn husking machine to streamline our harvesting.

Sweet delicious pineapple, high in vitamin C, grows well in the warm sunny climate that Ghana has to offer.

Fish is a staple in Ghanaian food culture as it is easy to farm, high in protein, and works well in popular soups and stews. Catfish are some of the easiest fish to farm as they have minimal care requirements.

We are excited for the addition of these two food sources to the Care Center property. Not only will they provide stable, healthy, accessible food sources, but they have the potential to be revenue streams in the years to come by selling surplus to the local community.

In addition to the catfish and pineapple farms, we plan to purchase a corn husking machine. Corn has been grown on the Care Center property for many years. The addition of a corn husking machine will help to streamline the harvesting process saving us both time and money. It can also be rented out to other local farmers as a form of revenue.

All of these upgrades to our infrastructure help to ensure that the children and young adults in our care have a safe and healthy place to live and grow for years to come.

Home » teacher » Building on the Basics in 2022!

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