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The June issue of O, The Oprah Magazine just hit newsstands and page 99 is definitely our favorite! Nana Amoako-Anin, Touch A Life’s Ghana Executive Director is featured with a beautiful photo from Nancy Borowick. Nana shared her story of finding balance, starting with her hectic career as an attorney in New York and now in Ghana as a yoga studio owner and leader at Touch A Life.

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For a peek behind the scenes, we are sharing perspectives from both Nana and Nancy. Their experiences working with the Touch A Life children over many years have given them eyes and ears for stories of healing and wholeness.


From Nancy Borowick

The Touch A Life kids have no shortage of energy and enthusiasm, especially when it comes to group activities. Working around their very busy school schedules, Nana and I decided that we would plan this yoga class and photo shoot one afternoon during the “golden hour,” when the light would be most beautiful. A lot of stars had to align for all of this to happen and once the mats were placed and rolled out (thanks to some little helpers) the class was underway. That is when the magic happened.

Nana, in her unique and special way, connected with the children and led them through a series of yoga poses, guiding them through this healing and beautiful practice. You could tell how much they trusted her, and looked up to her, and observing this was a gift because it allowed me to truly see the  bonds and relationships she has developed with these sweet young souls. And of course, as to be expected, this calm and contemplative stillness was starting to reach its breaking point (these are kids, after all) and Nana pivoted so gracefully and organically, engaging the kids in what felt like a spontaneous dance party.  The kids needed to bounce, and shake out some of their energy and they had so much fun in the process. The smiles on their faces went from ear to ear, their giggles could be heard for miles and the love they had for each other and especially Nana was palpable.

It has been my honor to watch these children grow up and photograph the journey they have been on and this was absolutely one of the highlights for me.


From Nana Amoako-Anin

I still remember when Nancy emailed me some months back, and said, “Meet me in Kumasi. Let’s work together and get an amazing picture of the kids at the Care Center for O!” After lots of emailing back and forth, she set out on a cross continental trip to Ghana to meet-up, and I hopped on a 30 minute flight from Accra to Kumasi. When I took off for Kumasi, the skies were grey. When my commuter flight landed, the skies were still grey. I thought to myself, it’s going to rain! I started to picture in my head, that the rain would “wash out” our shoot. Dismayed, I arrived, nervous and excited. At around 4pm, the skies began to clear. And as Nancy assured, the perfect light appeared. She said to us, “get low let’s move where the light is.” It was all so beautiful. We had that one magical hour. After working again with Nancy, I am sure – she brings the sunshine, wherever she goes.




Learn more about Touch A Life’s holistic Care Center for survivors of child trafficking in Ghana.

Home » News » Finding Balance in O, The Oprah Magazine

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