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Today, on January 11th, the world pauses to recognize the the horrors of human trafficking that still plague our global community. And while awareness is vital, in order for change to happen each of us must commit to action as well. Here are four ways you can participate in the fight to end modern day slavery this year.

Learn & Share

Learn the facts about human trafficking and educate your friends and family. If you are passionate about a certain part of the world or type of trafficking, start there and research organizations that are creating tangible change in those areas. Whether your interest is focused on sex trafficking in Cambodia or forced child labor in Ghana, learning the story is the perfect place to start.

Watch What You Eat

Many food supply chains are tainted with the use of exploitive or child labor. Seafood, chocolate, and coffee in particular have known ties to human trafficking. Making an effort to eat food that is Fair Trade Certified and sustainably sourced can be a simple way to make a practical, every day difference.

Start A Fundraiser

Find an organization that you trust and help them raise the funds they need to rescue victims of trafficking, provide survivor care, and promote justice. You can host an event, run a marathon, set up a lemonade stand or come up with a creative idea to raise money for a project or operating funds.

Pledge Your Birthday

Commit your birthday to an organization that fights to end human trafficking! Tell your friends and family that instead of birthday gifts, you would like them to donate on your behalf. This is an easy way to raise awareness (and money!) for your favorite nonprofit organization working to end slavery.

If you have another idea for how you’d like to #endslavery in 2016, we’d love to hear it! Leave us a comment or share it on our Facebook page.


Home » News » How to help #EndSlavery in 2016

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