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Lilly’s Art Center is finished! Two Art Centers in three weeks is a monumental task, but with amazing partnerships like with the Rapha House team and our lead designer, Kim Lewis, both Selah Art Center and Lilly’s Art Center are now ready to host years of creativity and healing.

The theme for Lilly’s Art Center is “Doors of Hope” with brightly painted doors covering the entire front facade. Standing tall on the Siem Reap Rapha House campus, this cottage is now a beacon of color and light for girls who have survived trafficking and exploitation. Kim envisioned these girls walking through a colorful door and finding hope on the other side of a dark path that may have led to this place.







Photo by Brooke LeMasters


Inside Lilly’s Art Center, our team carpenter, Jake Scott, designed an incredible elephant that serves as a work table and bookshelf. Painted bamboo lines the walls, creating a jungle home for our elephant friend, and colorful flags and floor cushions create a soft, comforting, and inspiring place for the Rapha House girls to call their own.





Our friends at Art Feeds continued their work developing an International Curriculum for healing through creative expression, and helped the girls participate in their first projects – self portraits and a painted rock garden!



Photo by Brook LeMasters




Thank you again to our wonderful team! As our Art Healing program expands around the world, we are filled with hope that paints, fabric, paper, glue, dance, and music will be the catalysts for changed lives and the end of modern day slavery.

Home » News » Lilly’s Art Center: The Big Reveal

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