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Four incredible college students will be traveling to Ghana at the end of May to participate in our inaugural Summer Collegiate Internship Program. Our interns will be staying and working on projects at our Care Center in Ghana for seven weeks, so we asked them to share a bit about their lives and how they are looking forward to their time with the Touch A Life kids.

The last intern to introduce is Claire Cheek!

ClaireCheekTell us a little about yourself – the college you attend, your major, any career plans, etc.

My name is Claire Cheek and I am going to be a Junior at Mississippi State University! I am majoring in Educational Psychology with a focus in clinical counseling. I would love to go into adoption counseling as a future career because I have a passion for working with others and children, and would love to tie that in with a job.

How did you first hear about Touch A Life?

I first heard about Touch A Life through Jamie and Lauren Burton who attend my home church, Harpeth Hills. They are the ones who lead my first trip to Ghana and to Touch A Life in 2013 and they also lead my second trip in 2014.

What prompted you to apply for our internship program?

Ever since my first trip to Touch A Life I knew it was a special place. I also knew it was a place I would love to spend a summer if ever given the opportunity. So, when Morgan Booth called me and told me about this internship, I knew I had to apply! Touch A Life has my heart already!

What impacted you the most while you were visiting our Care Center?

What impacted me the most at the care center would have to be the passion and determination of the kids who live there. They are so genuine and passionate about everything they do. I love that and strive to be more like them in every way possible. They  are the most awesome humans I have ever met!

What are your goals for your time in Ghana this summer?

My goals for this summer are first, to stay healthy the whole time I am there so I can give 100% all day everyday, but also that I get to know all the kids on a deeper more meaningful level. I especially want to get to know the children I haven’t had the chance to connect with yet. There are so many new faces from the last time I went, that’s so exciting!

Tell us a little bit about any of your other travels.

As I mentioned earlier I have been to Ghana, Africa twice with my youth group from home, and Jamie and Lauren Burton. We visited Touch A Life for a duration of our stay in Ghana and, I must say, it stole my heart. I have dreamed of working there for a summer and I can not believe it is coming true! I have also been on two mission trips to Honduras with my previous youth group. There we made and delivered food packages, built a house, poured concrete, visited a hospital and nursing home, and had a Vacation Bible School for the kids at a local church!

How has your family and community supported you as you prepare for the internship?

My family has supported me immensely through the process of applying, the money aspect, the fundraising, and lots and lots of prayers. I sold t-shirts that so many of my friends and family bought which helped out more than they know. Many people have made generous donations and helped make this dream reality. I can not think everyone enough because I would not be doing this if it wasn’t for the help from everyone else. I know people will continue to pray for me and my fellow interns as we are there and that means the world to us all.

Home » News » Meet the Interns: Claire Cheek

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