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Legacy Projects Completed

Papa Ken's Bakery

In memory of Kenneth Cope with thanks to the Cope Family

The bakery was built in collaboration with partners and friends in Reno, Nevada, who have hosted fundraisers to launch the bakery project in Ghana. The project was completed through the legacy fund of Kenneth Cope.

Jehova-Jireh Playground

with thanks to Church of the Shepherd in Grove, Oklahoma

The children are loving their new playground at the Care Center. Thank you, COS, for funding this project to continue our mission to restore and return our children to a life of freedom, which allows them to be a child again.

Legacy Projects in Progress

Container Conversion

With thanks to Daneker Family & Horizon Church.

We are repurposing a shipping container that we used to transport goods from the United States into a space where the kitchen and dormitory staff can store products and organize supplies.

Joseph’s Garden

In loving memory of Joseph Goku, Touch A Life Child

Every day, we mourn the loss of our sweet brother Joseph, but we are so grateful that the garden created in his honor will serve as a beautiful legacy for the wonderful life he lived.

Other Projects in Completed

Bathroom Upgrade

New Ceiling Fans

New Tile Floring

Exterior Paint

In the Queue

projects Upcoming/in Progress

The following upcoming projects are neccesary to maintain the functionality of the Touch A Life Care Center.

  • Water Purification System
  • Drainage System
  • Kitchen Upgrades
  • Shelving Units in Dorms
  • Dorm Ceilings Repair/Replace

Make an Impact

Touch A Life is committed to providing holistic, customized child care for the children in our programs, complete with regular medical and mental health assessments, art healing programming, and educational and vocational empowerment. By equipping them with individualized care plans, high quality academic opportunities, and critical life skills, these children will grow into healthy, community-changing adults, fulfilling our mission to Rescue, Renew, and Restore.

Visit our website to share your ideas or make a contribution.

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