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I remember the first time I traveled with Andrew Johnson (aka AJ!) to Ghana. He was a young college student with tons of energy and he hit the ground running. All of the older boys in our program immediately gravitated to the cool dude who knew his way around the soccer field. Soccer is the universal love language for most boys in Africa who daily live and breathe the game of football (sport using your foot to kick the ball, duh).

AJ was always easy to spot because he would be the goofy American making everyone laugh. Still to this day the older boys in our program will ask our Development Director, Rachel, about her brother, Andrew, because he made such an impression on them, so much so that they consider him to be a good friend of theirs. What an inspiration he continues to be as they follow his latest adventure devoted to raising education funds on his trusted bike, Ferdinand.

Today, I don’t know how to put into words the gratitude I have for AJ and his vision for Cycle For The Future. Who is this person who willingly is giving up half of his summer to bike 1,800 miles down the West Coast, and also somehow convinced his mom to drive the support car? A person who has a heart the size of Texas and a mom who taught her son how to serve well.

I am humbled and honored by this dynamic duo, and I send my love and support as I wish them unforgettable memories on the road to Tijuana. I have no doubt the amazing Johnson team will finish strong and Ferdinand will remain loyal until the end.

You’re the best, AJ and Ma Beth!

Learn more about AJ and Beth’s journey and their vision to Touch A Life here: Cycle For The Future.

Home » Remember When » Remember When | AJ

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