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Dana Gage recently visited the Touch A Life Care Center in Ghana, and when she returned, she wrote down a beautiful list of the experiences that impacted her life. She agreed to share the inspiration with all of our readers – thank you, Dana!

How to summarize a trip to Ghana? It’s a place where I’ve now seen first-hand:

  • how people live on less than $2 a day,
  • how ground corn and fish heads make a meal,
  • how having a mattress is considered a luxury,
  • how water can’t be trusted from a faucet,
  • how trash-infested rivers and a littered terrain are normal,
  • how women balance towering baskets atop heads, walking roadside just inches from maniacally-driven cars,
  • how men scratch to get a sale, any sale, of this or that,
  • how a boy, no more than 10, begs at a car window, with a blind, white-eyed father at his side,
  • how desperation for survival drives hungry parents to choose which of their children get sold into slavery, for an average of $20.

Ghana…a place where I’ve now seen first-hand:

  • how entitled I’ve become in my beautiful home,
  • how selfish I am with my stocked pantry,
  • how blind I’ve been to the benefits of clean water,
  • how shallow my concept of selfless giving is,
  • how more stuff is not the answer.

Ghana…a place where I’ve now seen first-hand:

  • the incredible spirit of a boy rescued from the hopelessness of slavery,
  • the wide smile of a girl who has the opportunity to get an education,
  • the rampant enthusiasm for a God who delivers,
  • the love for lost sons manifested,
  • the unbridled adoration for a woman who gives hope,
  • the universal language of love.

Dana Gage founded The LV Project in honor of her son, Connor, who died in a drowning accident in 2012. After connecting with Pam and Randy Cope, the Gage family has offered to raise funds for a brand new soccer field at the Touch A Life Care Center! Gage Field will be completed by spring of 2014 and our kids can’t wait!









Home » News » Seeing Ghana First-Hand

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