Lilly’s Art Center

Lilly’s Art Center was designed in collaboration with Kim Lewis of Kim Lewis Designs. It is located inside a small cottage at the Rapha House facility in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Rapha House staff and volunteers are instrumental in the fight to end human trafficking and exploitation, and Lilly’s Art Center is one more tool they will use to restore survivors of slavery.

The theme for Lilly’s Art Center is “Doors of Hope” with brightly painted doors covering the entire front facade. Standing tall on the Siem Reap Rapha House campus, this cottage is now a beacon of color and light for girls who have survived trafficking and exploitation. Kim envisioned these girls walking through a colorful door and finding hope on the other side of a dark path that may have led to this place.

Lily’s Art Center features an installation of brightly painted doors on the front facade, a custom desk and shelving unit in the shape of an elephant, low tables with floor cushions for projects and instructions, and open shelving stocked with books and art supplies.

The Rapha House staff will be implementing Art Feeds International curriculum with their students to promote healing through creative expression.

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