Chase’s Place

Chase’s Place

reflection written by chase’s parents, mark and chelsea jacobs

Chase’s Place is currently home to 16 boys at the Touch A Life Care Center. We are so blessed by this structure. Read on to learn more about Chase’s story.


“On September 30, 2009, our lives were changed forever when we said goodbye to our newborn son—Chase AllenJacobs—before he took a breath on this earth. As we struggled through the early weeks of grief, we prayed for the Lord to heal our brokenness and redeem what we had lost in some way. We wanted to honor our son and make his life worth much more than the short time he had on earth. Within days of our son’s death, we were introduced to Pam Cope through her book, Jantsen’s Gift.

With every word we read, we knew what God was doing with our pain. The brokenness we felt so deeply was now serving as a bridge to a new understanding of brokenness across the world. Touch A Life’s work in Ghana—rescuing trafficked children—became our heart’s cry. We knew how it felt to lose hope, and we wanted more than anything to give these children hope and new life. We knew God was forming our son’s legacy through providing new life to other children in need.

We immediately began a fundraising campaign to build “Chase’s Place”, a home for children rescued by Touch A Life. Chase’s Place is a safe and loving home for children to grow, learn, and live the abundant life they deserve. We are thrilled to be part of Touch A Life’s Care Center and pray that many children are given life and love through the years. We are thankful that Chase’s legacy will live on through the smiles and laughter of precious children we know and love in Ghana.”

– Mark and Chelsea Jacobs

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