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Today we are introducing a brand new collection of products! This limited edition collection is made with batik fabric handmade at the Touch A Life Care Center. The fabric was then sent to Re:new Project in Chicago where it was transformed into beautiful bags, wallets, and notebook covers by women who are refugees in the United States.

Re:new’s mission is to create a space for refugee women to thrive. Through their Artisan Development Programs and Care Services, Re:new offers free vocational training followed by employment in creating quality handbags and accessory items. They used upcycled fabrics, thus providing sustainable income in a flexible environment. They also foster a safe, nurturing environment based on the values of dignity, respect, peace, kindness, gentleness, creativity and fun as a means to open space to care well for the social and emotional wounds caused by years of survival.


Photo by Margaret Henry.



Photo by Margaret Henry.



Photo by Margaret Henry.


Just like Re:new, Touch A Life provides a safe place for vulnerable people to thrive. The Touch A Life Care Center is home to 80 children who have been rescued from forced labor and exploitation. Some of the children who are interested in making batik fabric, will help with the dyeing and ironing after school. Emmanuel, Touch A Life’s Art Center Assistant who leads the batik process, loves to share his craft and will allow the teenagers to help him stamp the fabric.



Photo by Nancy Borowick.


Touch A Life considers Re:new to be a part of our Global Family, so we are thrilled to see our batik fabric travel to Chicago and be used by the Re:new artisans to create this limited edition collection. And 20% of every purchase will be donated back to Touch A Life!


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Home » News » The Batik Collection by Re:new

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