We’ve Got a New Water Filtration System!

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At Touch A Life, providing a clean and safe living space, healthy food and water, and comprehensive medical care for our children has always been a priority. We have been blessed to have a well on site that provides water for cleaning and bathing, but for years we have spent time and money having bottled water brought in for drinking.

We have dreamed of having a water filtration system for a long time, so in 2021 as a part of our Back to the Basics campaign, an initiative to make the Care Center more self-sustaining, we began looking for sponsors to help make this goal a reality. Thanks to the Parks Family we have been able to purchase all of the components for the filtration system as well as construct a building to house it. With the help of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, the system has been installed and is now up and running! The Parks family has also purchased water dispensing units for each dorm and gathering space around the Care Center, making access to clean water easy.

This has been a huge accomplishment and a big step toward becoming a more self-sustainable organization. We are so grateful for everyone who has helped to make this long awaited dream a reality. Cheers!

Home » News » We’ve Got a New Water Filtration System!

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