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A quick introduction to who I am: follower of Jesus, wife to Rob, mom of two boys, biologist, teacher, and art enthusiast here to spread hugs, smiles, beauty, and knowledge wherever I can.

The decision to move our family to Ghana for 6 months and become a part of the the Touch A Life family felt like a quick decision. We went from hearing about the need for help with the new school, to praying about whether this was possible for our family, to “Yes, let’s do it!” within the course of  a week. Looking back, though, I realize that God had this in the works for a while. Rob travels quite a bit for work and I happened to join him on a trip two years ago, which was unusual, as I don’t typically tag along. At a dinner with some of his other associates, we met Pam and Randy Cope. Have you ever met someone and you just felt like you’ve known that person forever? That was how we felt about the Copes, and it was the divine appointment that planted the seed of Touch A Life in our hearts.

Since then we’ve gotten to know more about the work that Touch A Life does to rescue, renew, and restore these children. Over the course of our decision-making week God just kept sending us yes, after yes, after YES! The “yes, this feels crazy but YES, I’m going to use you and bless you through this journey.” Now that we have been here a couple months, I can say that I am SO happy that God asked us to come. These kids are amazing, bright, talented, kind, generous, friendly, ambitious, and loving! They have opened their arms to our family and we are better for it. I’ve enjoyed all of the hugs and dancing, but also the quiet one-on-one moments when I can learn about their struggles and their hopes and dreams for the future.   

So, join with me and pray! Pray for the Bunch family — that we can minister to the most pressing needs while we are here. Pray for Touch A Life in support of the work they are doing everyday.  And most of all, pray for these sweet kids — that they would be filled with hope and purpose.

Home » childlabor » Why? | April Bunch

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