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In 2018, I was blessed with the opportunity to travel to the Care Center when the agency I work for partnered with Touch A Life  to assist with marketing efforts. Traveling has always been a passion of mine, so I was thrilled to have the chance to visit Ghana. Before my trip, I read many articles about what to expect in Ghana, gathering as much information as I could find on Touch A Life, and of course, I read Jantsen’s Gift (a memoir written by Pam Cope). What I experienced on this trip, however, was so much more than I had ever imagined.

 Why did Touch A Life have such an impact on my life?

 I have never experienced emotions so fully until my trip to Ghana. My journey began with feelings of sadness, fear, and anger as we visited Cape Coast Castle where we learned about the history of slavery on the Ivory Coast. Before, I was ignorant. Like many of us, I come from a life of privilege. Injustice, slavery, hunger, and safety are things that I have never had to worry about. In particular, slavery was something that had only existed in history books for me. After that visit, though, I had experienced a personal look at its history – and a reminder that it still exists in parts of the world today. It was then that I began to understand the preceding reality of some of the children I was about to meet, or at least understand as much as someone who has never experienced slavery could. 

The following day when I met the Touch A Life children for the first time, the emotional rollercoaster became even more intense. This day, however, was filled with love, happiness, joy and an overwhelming sense of hope. It is because of Touch A Life that these children have hope for the future, hope for change, and hope for all exploited children. Their lives changed forever when they came to the Care Center; the love and joy they expressed while I was with them changed my life forever.

Why do I continue to do work for Touch A Life? 

My time with the children at the Care Center and my time working through many projects with Pam, Rachel, and John serve as a testament to the true mission and vision of Touch A Life. It is uncommon that my routine tasks and projects as a web and graphic designer make a true difference or an impact on another person’s life. Assisting Touch A Life with marketing and fundraising projects has provided a way for me to make a difference. And of course, it is really difficult not to find joy when you see the smile of a rescued child.

Home » childlabor » Why? | Sarah Mast

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