25 New Children Call the Care Center Home

Nov 24, 2015 | 0 comments

In October, Touch A Life partnered with the Ghanaian Department of Social Welfare to rescued 16 children from forced labor and provide them with permanent housing at our Care Center. Two weeks later in November, our staff was contacted by Social Welfare about nine additional children who had recently been rescued and needed a place to call home. We are happy to say that all 25 children are now safe, and are part of the Touch A Life family.

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Eleven boys and 13 girls between the ages of six and thirteen are settling into their lives of freedom in Kumasi. The 14 girls are living in Zachary’s House , and the 11 boys have moved into our younger boy’s dorm, Chase’s Place. We are so thankful for our Legacy Families who have made sure that the Care Center has plenty of space to serve these children.

Casa Dei Fiori has been converted into a  large school room so that all 25 children can receive private tutoring for their first year at the Touch A Life Care Center. This will allow them a custom transition into Ghana/s education system, since many of the children have never attended school of any kind.


Each of our new children also has access to Connor Creative Art Center, with a library and quiet places to look at books, as well as plenty of art supplies for creative expression. In the coming months they will be introduced to a series of Art Healing sessions to begin their journey of wholeness after years of exploitation.


If you would like to become a Child SponsorEducational Sponsor, or Art Sponsor for one of these children, please contact us and our staff will connect you with a child.

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