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No matter who you are, you can advocate on behalf of trafficked and vulnerable children and inspire others to do the same. You just have to start somewhere!

Here are some ways to help:

Find Your Mark

Pam Cope first saw Mark Kwadwo on the front page of the New York Times. His image was heartbreaking: a frail stooped body and terrified eyes.

Sold by his parents for about $20, six-year-old Mark labored under a master who bought dozens of children to work his fishing nets on Lake Volta. Like the thousands of children sold into slavery on Lake Volta, Mark worked fourteen hour days and was beaten and malnourished.

Mark’s story touched Pam, who founded Touch A Life with her husband, Randy. Touch A Life was supporting at-risk children in Cambodia and Vietnam. Pam was plagued by a desire to help Mark – but how?

Nine weeks later, Pam was on a plane to Ghana, where she forged a life-changing friendship with Ghanaian abolitionists. Together, Pam and the Ghanian team rescued Mark and six other children. That was in 2007. Now the Touch A Life Care Center is home to 72 children rescued from modern-day slavery.

Get Involved

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