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Rachel Brown, Development Director

At Touch A Life, we are constantly striving to make improvements at the Care Center that help us to be self-sustaining. This type of sustainability is important as it helps us to stretch our funds further and better empower the children and staff in Ghana. It allows us to be kinder to the environment and, above all, it helps us to be the very best benefactors of the funds we receive from you, our generous and loyal friends. You have contributed steadily to our Maintenance Fund, which gives us the ability to continually make upgrades at the facility that benefit the children, the staff, and the environment.

The bakery is a project that we are specifically excited about from a sustainability perspective. Over the years, we’ve tilled the soil on our land at the Care Center and planted crops that yield delicious fruits and vegetables, which we can then use to prepare nutritious meals for the children and staff. Head houseparent Mr. Morgan has led the charge in choosing Ghana-appropriate crops, like corn, okra, peppers, and onions, to plant and grow. We also raise chickens, which we use for food. The next step was the bakery, which gives us the option of baking our own bread. When we have leftover bread (which is delicious!), we either distribute it to neighbors as a gift or sell it at the local marketplace.

Enjoy some photos marking our recent progress at the facility, including the first steps toward building our very first playground at the Care Center! The tires in the photo will be incorporated into a super fun obstacle course of sorts. Thanks to our friends at Church of the Shepherd in Grove, Oklahoma, for funding this project! We are so thrilled to see progress on the bakery, too, and we are grateful for the funds donated for this project in memory of Kenneth Cope.

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Rachel Brown
Development Director

Home » News » Bakery and Maintenance Update

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