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One of our recent projects for our Global Family was creating pages for our kids to put in their new scrapbooks! This summer the 8×8 inch pages will travel to Ghana and each child will have the opportunity to create more scrapbook pages and complete their book. Full of memories from the past two years, every child will be able to look back and remember all of the fun moments with friends and visitors.

Two groups in particular helped us complete encouraging scrapbook pages for each of our kids! Samantha Anderson, her daughters Julia and Alex, and their good friend and Touch A Life supporter, Christine, spent several days working on the scrapbook project. Together they made over 80 pages filled with photos, stickers, and notes filled with love all the way from New Jersey. Samantha traveled to Ghana this past August, and she can’t wait to return with her daughters in the future.


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The staff at Revenue Edge also made pages for every child at the Touch A Life Care Center in Kumasi. Stacy Westbay, owner of Revenue Edge, traveled to Ghana in January of 2016 and later helped fund the new outdoor classroom space at the Care Center. The Revenue Edge team spent an entire evening creating scrapbook pages as a company volunteer outreach.



(Clockwise) Stacy Westbay, Emily Fisher, Dani Phillips, Tiffany Beasley, Melissa Schroeder, and Amy Kaddatz


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We are so grateful for supporters who go above and beyond to let our kids know that they are loved by people around the world. The Touch A Life kids are sure to love seeing the photos and reading the messages of hope and encouragement shared by our Global Family.

Home » News » Creating Scrapbooks for the Touch A Life Kids

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