Happy Fall, Y’all!

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Happy Fall, Y’all!
As the warmth of the fall sun changes and cooler temps blow in throughout the States, we know that means a new school year has begun!

Touch A Life students have also welcomed a new school year at The Learning Center, our specialized school at the Care Center for grades K-9, as well as high schools and universities all over the country.

Over the last few months, TAL also has two new incredible additions to the Care Center:

  • A beautiful new catfish farm!

    Click the link above to see how we are feeling about our catfish farm!

  • A new team member, Selorm Nyamalor, Director of Mental Health and Psychosocial Support.

Selorm develops customized care plans with a trauma-based approach to meet the healing needs of each child at the Care Center. We are thrilled to have her years of experience and heart to serve the children as part of our team!
Want to stay updated on all the happenings at our Care Center? Or maybe you need a little shot of HAPPY throughout your day? Trust me, TAL social media is where it’s at!

Enjoy this little clip posted to Facebook and Instagram, and an update from Bernard, TAL college grad, over on LinkedIn.

Thank you for your continued support! We are changing things for good for these students and their communities all over Ghana. We are so grateful.

Warm regards,
Angie and the TAL Team

Home » News » Happy Fall, Y’all!

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