Holiday Match and New Years Resolutions

Jan 2, 2014 | 0 comments

We did it! Thank you! Our Holiday Donor Match fundraiser was a great success – you all gave $25,000 toward our General Fund, and a generous donor matched every dollar to make $50,000! This is an energizing way to start 2014 as we turn plans into action on behalf of the exploited children we rescue and rehabilitate. We can’t do this crucial work without your support, so thank you again for making each day possible.

Want to get more involved? For 2014 the staff at Touch A Life has a few idea for making the most of your New Years resolutions…

Resolution 1: Read More Books

Why not start a book club and begin with Jantsen’s Gift? Grab a few friends and each read through the book this month, then get together (with some snacks!) and talk about what impacted you most and how each person can make a difference.

Resolution 2: Find Somewhere to Volunteer

Look no further! If you’re in the Dallas area, we’d love to have you volunteer at our office. Or if you are farther away, give us a call about starting a Find Your Mark chapter and you can raise awareness about child labor and modern-day slavery without leaving your community.

Resolution 3: Eat Better

While we all are working toward eating the foods that are good for us, also consider eating foods that are ethically made without slavery and child labor. Check the labels on your favorite treats, especially chocolate, and make sure that there is no slavery involved in its production. You can go to Fair Trade USA for a great list of fair trade cocoa companies.

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