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Over the years Touch A Life has slowly been working towards a self-sustaining model. When the COVID-19 pandemic took the world by surprise, we were forced to go back to the basics. As a team, we came together to address a crisis that none of us had ever faced before. The children were especially a beacon of hope: they served as a reminder that all things can be rescued, restored, and renewed.

As we look into the future, our focus is getting back to the basics, and we need your help. Would you join us by donating today to support our first phase of our sustainability projects at the Care Center? Once these are completed, we have dreams of solar projects, fish farming, a pineapple farm, and more!

Water Purification System


Currently we have two water wells on the Care Center property for plumbing and cleaning usage, and we purchase clean water in bottles or sachets (a common practice in West Africa) for the children and staff to drink. Investing in a high-quality water purification system will save us $1,200 per year, as we will no longer have the need to purchase drinking water. Once the system is installed and the staff is trained on how to purify water, we can launch a new revenue-generating business: selling clean drinking water at affordable prices to businesses and individuals in our local community.

Farming Projects


Our agricultural team, led by head houseparent Michael Morgan, works to cultivate crops that have nutritional value for our children. From corn and okra to peppers and pineapples, we have visions for expanding our farming projects as the years progress. We have needs for new tools, new seed packets, and additional farm equipment.

Chicken Coop


While we have raised chickens at the Care Center for several years, we are making a leap by building a much larger chicken coop that will not only be home to our feathered friends but will serve as a hub for egg production. After using the eggs we need for meals at the Care Center, we plan to embark upon an egg-selling business in our local community. Generous donors have already given $4,000 to complete the first phase of this project—will you help us finish it?

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