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Touch A Life has been training and empowering the next generation of leaders, impacting so many communities in Ghana. They are growing and ready to become agents of change.

Chicken Coop

In 2020, we asked for your help to raise the funds to build our first-ever chicken coop, and you delivered! The chicken coop, with its durable poured concrete floor and brick and stucco walls, will house a flock large enough to provide eggs for everyone living at the Care Center. Interior work and nesting boxes are being purchased to complete the coop for our feathered friends. As the flock grows, it has the potential to become a revenue stream, as we plan to sell eggs to the local community for years to come.

Water Filtration system

Our Ghana Country Director, Bernard, has partnered with a local organization to install a new water filtration system. A poured concrete slab will provide a protected, level area to house an efficient filtering system. Eliminating the need to purchase bottled drinking water will significantly cut costs in our yearly budget. 

Papa’s Place

Papa’s Place is a special Legacy Project engineered by Bud Daneker and his family, friends, and community at Horizon Church in Pennsylvania. While we always had the goal of converting an existing shipping container that we had on site into a storage facility, the pandemic made this need jump to the top of our priority list. The COVID-19 crisis brought so much uncertainty that we found it necessary to store more staples like rice, oil, cassava, and beans. Along with its new base and roof, the container is receiving a paint job and custom shelves, making it an economical way to keep supplies dry, organized, and away from wildlife. We are excited to be upcycling this container in such a practical and meaningful way, as it would otherwise find its way to the garbage dump.

Meet the Class of 2022

We are so unbelievably excited to share that we will celebrate our very first class of college graduates in May 2022! This is an incredible milestone in the Touch A Life journey. Children who were once trafficked have been rescued, renewed, and restored, and they are accomplishing so many amazing achievements.

Join us in congratulating our graduating class of 2022!

BS in Textile Design and Technology

BA in Social Work and Sociology

BBA in Banking and Finance

BS in Information Technology

BBA in Marketing

BA in Geography
and Sociology

BA in Economics

BBA in Banking and Finance

BBA in Tech Management and Business Information

BBA in Human Resources

BS in Business Administration & International Business

AA in TV & Film Production

All along we have promised our donors that we were raising leaders, and that is exactly what we are doing. Stay tuned for the next phase of empowerment with our college graduates. Now is their time to become Agents of Change!

Our self-sustaining initiatives have been so crucial to our success as an organization that we want to build on the basics at the Care Center. Here are the new projects we hope to tackle in 2022—can you donate to help us achieve these goals?

Catfish Pond


We have long dreamt of having some form of sustainability pond system at the Care Center, and after careful research, we identified that raising catfish would be the best first step in terms of cost and maintenance.

Launch the Chicken Coop


Now that the chicken coop has been built, we need to raise some sweet little chickens! We will have ongoing expenses for coops, feed, and medicine to ensure that we give our chickens a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. 

Pineapple Farm


We will use the funds raised for this project to plant and cultivate a grove of pineapple plants on our 10-acre plot of land at the Care Center in Kumasi, West Africa.

Purchase a Corn Husker


Currently, we grow corn at the Care Center and dehusk the cobs manually. Having a machine to do this work for our staff will be very useful in saving time and resources. We will also be able to rent the machine out to local farmers to generate extra income for the Care Center.

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