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Four incredible college students will be traveling to Ghana at the end of May to participate in our inaugural Summer Collegiate Internship Program. Our interns will be staying and working on projects at our Care Center in Ghana for seven weeks, so we asked them to share a bit about their lives and how they are looking forward to their time with the Touch A Life kids.

Today we are introducing Cooper Elkins – welcome, Cooper!

Headshot.jpgTell us a little about yourself – the college you attend, your major, any career plans, etc.

I am currently finishing my sophomore year at Auburn University. My major is in biomedical sciences, but I am pursuing a career in medicine. I am passionate about helping people, which, along with a lot of prayer, has led me to this career path. While I believe that working in any area of medicine gives me the opportunity to help many people, I am particularly interested in oncology.

How did you first hear about Touch A Life?

I first heard about Touch A Life through the Harpeth Hills Church of Christ Youth Group as an opportunity for mission work.

What prompted you to apply for our internship program?

After seeing firsthand the joy that the children at Touch A Life experience on a daily basis, despite the trials they have faced in life, I want nothing more than to be a part of furthering that joy and growing the opportunity for other children to come and experience Touch A Life.

Since you’ve been to Ghana with Touch A Life before, what impacted you the most while you were visiting our Care Center?

The thing that impacted me the most when visiting the Care Center was the love that the kids show everyone that comes. Our group had barely made it up the driveway when we were greeted with big, toothy smiles and joyful yells. Their big hugs and joyful laughs were constant, and they did not hesitate to include everyone they met in their joy.

What are your goals for your time in Ghana this summer?

Since my first time visiting the Care Center I had hoped to have the opportunity to help serve the local Ghanaian community. This summer I am the leader for community service and outreach, and I am excited to see what opportunities Touch A Life will be given. Along with many other goals for the summer, I hope to create an outlet for the children to serve the community.

Tell us a little bit about any of your other travels!

I have been blessed with the opportunity to see and experience many places. If I could describe only one of the places that I have seen, I would likely choose the mountain I climbed this last spring. My friends and I went to New Mexico with absolutely no experience in snowshoeing or mountaineering, and attempted to snowshoe a mountain in the Pecos wilderness. However, it quickly became apparent that the map was not quite accurate enough, and we were on the wrong side of the mountain. We climbed anyway, and I am so thankful we did. The view from a snow covered mountain in the blistering cold without a clue of where to go is a view and experience I will never forget.

How has your family and community supported you as you prepare for the internship?

I have been showered with prayers and encouragement as I have prepared for this internship. Whether it has been the random text from a high school friend or the continual prayers of my family, God has surrounded me with love and support in the months leading up to this internship.

Home » News » Meet the Interns: Cooper Elkins

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