My Birthday Gift in Action, A Note from Pam Cope

Sep 7, 2022 | 0 comments

Hello, friends! Thanks to you, we are now the proud owners of a corn husker machine, which you all helped raise funds for during my 60th birthday campaign.  I wanted you to know your gift has made a huge impact at the Care Center in Kumasi. The corn grown on property must be dehusked, separated from the cob, and the chaff removed, and it has all been done by hand, until now.

After the corn is run through the machine, the kernels soak in clean water for two to three days, then they are ground at the mill. Corn dough is used to make staple foods such as banku and kenkey, both of which are favorite Ghanaian dishes. Different textures are also ground into corn meals for grits and other breakfast porridges. And let’s not forget the chickens! They feast right along with the children now enjoying fresh corn feed.

All the staff and children are fascinated during their training by the efficiency of this machinery, making farm-to-table a reality at our Care Center. Thank you, thank you to all of my birthday donors. Turning 60, I am all about simplifying life, and this gift is doing just that for our crew in Kumasi!

Cheers to doing more good together,

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