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I remember when Touch A Life was looking for land to buy in Ghana and the search was brutal. Our organization had been working and partnering with other NGO’s on the ground for several years and we decided it was time to build our own care center. I was super excited to start this new journey of acquiring land which I thought would take only a few months. I quickly learned that I would need extra measures of patience and faith to acquire the perfect plot of land. Months turned into a two year journey as our team worked tirelessly surveying and negotiating for a clean land deed.

I will never forget the day when our van pulled off the long and winding Lake Bosamtwe Road and headed down a bumpy lane toward a hillside of African bush. We got out of the van and started exploring the property as a couple of men with machetes were clearing a path for us to walk. I was trying to listen to the voices in my head and trust my intuition when all of a sudden I noticed butterflies around me and wild birds chirping. This beautiful lush hillside was gently whispering to me that this soil was ready and willing to be developed for a greater cause. My mom heart was also having nudges of confirmation envisioning the children running around and feeling safe. Unanimously we were all in agreement we had found the promise land for the Touch A Life family.

Below are a couple of the early pictures I received after breaking ground. Words cannot describe the terror and also the excitement knowing that Touch A Life was committing to building a structure in Kumasi, Ghana, West Africa. Thanks to our amazing Ghanaian team we continue to rescue, restore and renew many hurting children and offer them a forever home.

Home » childlabor » Remember When | Breaking Ground

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