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I remember ten years ago when two of my dear friends Lisa Bloecher and Stacey Young made all the Touch A Life kids a quilt of their own. They worked endlessly together customizing all the colors, names, and scriptures to bless each child’s personality. I will never forget watching the kids wrap up in their new blankets, owning something for the first time with their name hand-stitched in love.

Almost a decade later, the faded and tattered quilts are neatly folded at the end of our teenager’s beds. I feel that those quilts represented a spiritual covering and protection for the children in our program when they needed it the most.

I am forever grateful to all of my friends that have walked this journey alongside me and stood in the gap for the trafficked and exploited children of Ghana. I am humbled and amazed as I reflect back on the village of friends that have helped us raise these awesome kids. Never underestimate how your gifts and talents can bless others in this world and remind them they are special.

-Ma Pam

Home » childlabor » Remember When | Quilts

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