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Do you remember what it was like to play as a child? Just think about the joy of grabbing some toys or grabbing a baseball and a glove and playing until you were so exhausted you couldn’t play anymore. For many kids, my 3 year old son included, this is an assumed reality. If my son is awake, most likely the words “play with me” are coming out of his mouth. Kids love to play.

In Ghana, for many children, they experience a different reality. Often, young children who should be running and playing are instead working on fishing boats or in other intense or hazardous environments. They are forced to grow up far too soon.

On a recent trip to Ghana, I had the opportunity to go with a group to the Care Center in Kumasi. I saw so many things there that touched my heart and changed me forever, but one thing in particular stands out to me. One of the days we were there was a Saturday when the boys all go out and play soccer.  It started pouring rain as they were playing and even flooded the field, but none of that stopped them from playing with abandon. We watched them for the longest time, and I kept thinking about how happy they all looked out their playing. And then I thought about where they could have been at that very moment if not for the work of Touch A Life.


Photo by Nancy Borowick

Touch A Life is giving these children an opportunity for an education and a new start. And they are giving them the chance to enjoy being a child. I will always remember the joy of play that I saw in the children that day. We definitely saw it more while we were at the Care Center, but that day will always be a reminder of how Touch A Life is returning the joy and hope to children who otherwise would have had it taken away.

Rescue. Renew. Restore. Be a part of returning the joy.

Home » News » Simple Joys of Childhood

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