Our Board


Amy Liddy, College Student Mentor

Amy has been volunteering for Touch A Life and traveling to Ghana since 2016. In 2019 she was asked to be on the university advisory board to work directly with Esther Yankyera and Pam Cope to further develop the university and mentorship programs. Amy’s son, Jake, is a recent college graduate, which gave her an active interest in assisting the Touch A Life students with navigating the university experience. She loves working with all of the Touch A Life students and is excited about the promise of their futures.

Amy lives with her husband, David, in Columbus, Ohio where she is Vice President and partner at Integral Solutions, an engineering consulting firm.

Sarah Mast, Art Director

Sarah Mast is an award-winning Digital Art Director for The High Road Agency, based in her hometown, Johnson City, TN. To her, her job is more than designing annual reports, crafting full marketing campaigns, and building websites: it is sharing a story that needs to be told or raising awareness about issues that many never knew existed. She was introduced to the Touch A Life family in 2018 and traveled to the Care Center that fall where she gained a new understanding of the importance of sharing Touch A Life’s story and vision. Living in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains and having a love for nature photography, she often finds herself on the many nearby hiking trails.

Angie Dickerson

Angie Dickerson is a registered nurse by trade, but works daily as head nurse and wife/mom to her husband, Kevin, and 4 kids, in the hills of rural Oklahoma. Since 2012, Angie and Kevin have traveled frequently to Ghana to support Touch a Life and to stay connected to, and serve, the birthplace of their youngest son. In addition to managing Find Your Mark’s social media accounts, Angie loves filling her time with her kids’ sporting events and musical theater shows, travel, and sweet time with family.

Jessica Hooten

Jessica Hooten has had a close relationship with Pam and Randy Cope and Touch a Life since 2008, and made her first trip to Ghana in 2010. Since then, Touch a Life has always held a special place in her heart. Jessica serves as the Digital Engagement Director for The Branch Church, a partner ministry of TAL for more than 15 years. She is an excellent communicator, connector and creator – a caring, and fierce advocate for TAL and the children they rescue. Jessica lives in Dallas, TX with her husband Clay, two children, one dog, and four chickens.

Ashley Myers

Ashley Myers lives in Oklahoma with her husband and two children, soon-to-be three as they are in the process of adopting.  She took her first trip to Ghana in 2015 and became passionate about investing in the younger generation as they become the future leaders of their country.  In 2018, she was able to work with a group of 20 boys in Ghana that had recently been rescued from forced labor in the fishing industry of Lake Volta, and she felt called to get more involved with changing the future for those children.  That’s when she connected with TAL founder, Pam Cope, and traveled with her to the Care Center in 2019.  Ashley knows there is an important role that each child at TAL will play in bettering their country and the futures of the generations to come.

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