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For so many of us, that question stirs up a place of doubt and shame. We believe the lie, deep down, that we’re not unique enough. Gifted enough. Rich enough… to make a true impact. So we give up, allowing shame and guilt to whisper in our ears ‘not enough’ in new ways.

What if we turned that question around? Turned it into a challenge. A kind of kindling that sparks new inspiration.

For years I walked through my days with a desire to speak life into survivors and tell them how strong, worthy, talented and more than enough they are. But I didn’t know where to start so I did nothing but listen to the echo of “not enough” in my head. Until one day I decided something was better than nothing. Starting small was still a start.

That’s when The Arise Box began. One Christmas, with help from generous donations, I filled 50 care packages and sent them to local survivors who were recovering in safe homes. In order to keep going, I began building a subscription box that used part of the profits to fund more care packages and empower human trafficking survivors.

The Arise Box is for people who believe small things can make a difference. It’s filled with 4-5 practical & unique products from brands who’re actively making the world a better place by giving back, ethically sourcing, promoting sustainability, and more.

There have been so many amazing items inside Arise Boxes, but my favorite thing is always the postcard. Every quarterly box includes a self-addressed envelope and a postcard you can use to write an encouraging note to a survivor. We’ve been able to put hand written notes in every care package we given away because of the postcards sent back to us from subscribers. In 2017, I met Rachel from Touch A Life and she mentioned TAL’s art therapy program and offered to let me use some of the kids’ artwork on the postcards. Since then, every postcard has featured new, beautiful artwork from the kids at TAL.

This postcard encapsulates my answer, my challenge, to the question “what can I do?”

My hope is:

  1. The kids at TAL get to explore and feel encouraged in their artistic talents.
  2. For subscribers to The Arise Box to pour out their love and affirmations for survivors as one of the ways they’re making a difference.
  3. USA based survivors receive encouragement and feel a connection to a fellow survivors across the ocean so they know they’re not alone.

It’s been such an honor to work with TAL and the kids. I’m always amazed at how talented they are and cannot wait for the next season’s artwork!

Cassidy Perry
The Arise Box, Founder

Home » News » What can I do that will make a difference?

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