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I have been volunteering for Touch A Life since 2009. I am usually in the background, working on the finances. How did I get involved way back then? 2008 was a very hard year for me. Work was incredibly stressful and busy – I wasn’t able to take any time off that year. That same year, my father passed away, and I lost one of my close friends in a tragic accident. I resolved going into 2009 that I needed to focus outward and put some things into perspective. I decided to start giving my most precious commodity – my time. 

Early in 2009, my church showed a video about the work Touch A Life was doing. It deeply moved me, but I thought, “I can’t go to Ghana.” I wanted to help, but what could I do? So, I ignored both the urging and my short-lived resolution.

A few weeks later, I read a Reader’s Digest article about the release of the book Jantsen’s Gift. Randy and Pam Cope, Co-Founders of Touch A Life, lived in a city about a mile from me. I laughed and thought, “Okay, I won’t ignore it this time.” I contacted Pam. I said, “I’m organized, detail-oriented, reliable, and have a strong financial acumen. I can’t go to Ghana, and am not sure if I’ll ever want to, but I care about these kids. Do you need my help?” As it turned out, my skill set was exactly what they needed at that time.

Why do I help? For the first time in my life, I saw how my non-glamourous skill set can make a difference in the lives of many. I can love kids thousands of miles away with the gifts I have been given. Being a part of breaking the cycle of systemic slavery has offered me a new sense of hope. We are all needed, and as each part does its work, beauty will flourish. Never diminish what you can give.

Home » childlabor » Why? | Denise Schmitt

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