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The Morgans, our head houseparents at the Care Center in Ghana, each love Touch A Life with all their hearts. Today, they share their “why” with you!

Mr. Morgan: I was a teacher for five years in a small village called Akuvikofe, and that was where I was first introduced to Touch A Life in January 2009. Touch A Life had twelve kids at the time. It was quite exciting for me when I was able to teach the kids basket-weaving. On January 15, about two weeks later, I met Ma Pam for the first time when she visited Ghana with a team, and she bought a basket that I had worked on.

Pam believed that I would be a good houseparent, and I gladly accepted the position. My wife [Ma Paulina] also joined Touch A Life in April 2009, and we have been houseparents together ever since. The journey has been a fulfilling one as I believe it’s my talent to train kids. All the kids are happy when they see me, and that makes me happy, too. Ma Pam and the teams show great appreciation for all the work we do, and we are grateful to them for the opportunity they have provided for both us and the children.

Mrs. Morgan (Ma Paulina): It was a struggle at first for me when I was asked to be part of Touch A Life. I was an independent trader at the time. I was quite comfortable, and I wasn’t happy with the thought of being in such a position where I had so much work to do taking care of children. It created a conflict between my husband and myself. He was committed to the program and wanted to stay with it no matter where it went.

My brother and uncle advised me to focus on the bigger picture, which was that the work I was being asked to do was the work of the Lord. That made the decision very easy for me because I believe that when you do the work of the Lord, no matter how hard it gets or how hard it is, He will see you through. I have never regretted that decision and it has been my joy seeing the kids grow into amazing individuals filled with great potential and promise.

They all love and respect me as a mother, and that fills me with a lot of joy. I had one of the most painful moments when we lost one of the kids a few years back [Joseph G., who passed away while visiting family offsite], but I believe that God knows best. I console myself with the fact that all my other TAL kids are alive and healthy. I am grateful for the opportunity that TAL has provided to these kids who would have had no future otherwise.

Home » childlabor » Why? | Mr. Morgan and Ma Paulina

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