Yoga Retreat for Human Trafficking Survivors

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Our third annual yoga retreat was held at the Touch A Life Care Center earlier this month. Nana, our Life Academy Director is also the owner of Bliss Yoga Studio in Accra, and we were honored that she, along with some of the Bliss instructors, made time in their schedules to share yoga with the Touch A Life kids.




















Joan Schubert traveled with Nana from Accra to help lead yoga sessions with the Touch A Life kids. Joan works for an international NGO based in DC and she is currently on contract in Ghana as the Director of a five-year national public health and communications project that addresses issues concerning malaria, maternal and child health, water and sanitation, reproductive health, and nutrition.

“The thing that I found amazing about the trip to Kumasi and the children there was how easy it was to engage them and their limitless imagination,” said Joan. “They took to the yoga like fish to water and as we had them do various asanas such as cat/cow, lion, cobra and eagle we had them make the animal sounds. We even invented new poses with them such as ‘scorpion’ (bow pose) and ‘bat’ (placing your hands on your shoulders and flapping your arms up and down). I think the winner though was the lion where they had great fun sticking out their tongues as far as they could as they locked eyes with one another and roared!”




































Home » News » Yoga Retreat for Human Trafficking Survivors

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