According to a study, the percentage of households in a community reporting at least one child subjected to trafficking or exploitation ranged from 2 percent in two communities to 100 percent in one community. Ghanaian children who are born into underprivileged families are often sold into slavery as their families cannot afford to take care of them. It was 13 years ago that Randy and Pam Cope personally witnessed the realities that these children face every day and instantly knew that they needed to step in and help.

After 13 years in Ghana, it is undeniable that Touch A Life’s role as a long-term survivor care provider is critical. For those who cannot be reunited with their families, our Care Center team steps in to provide specialized, holistic care for children who have been rescued from slavery by equipping them with individualized care plans, high quality academic opportunities, and critical life skills. Our focus is to help these children grow into healthy, community-changing adults, fulfilling our mission to Rescue, Renew, and Restore.

Working closely with the Ghanaian government, we have made an integral shift in our vision for education and empowerment for the children in our care. Beginning next year, all of our primary aged children will attend school at the Care Center to ensure they are receiving the customized education they need and deserve.

The new school model will be adapted to meet each trafficked child’s education needs using Social-Emotional Learning curriculum. Because most of our kids are illiterate when we receive them, this model will help accommodate and support their special needs. The SEL curriculum teaches critical social competencies necessary for academic and life success, such as resiliency, self-management, and decision-making skills. Touch A Life believes this new vision for 2020 will equip our children to become future change-makers and expand our dedicated commitment to creating a culture of empowerment.

We believe this new vision for 2020 will equip our children to become future change-makers in their communities. Touch A Life accepts the challenge with great expectations to further our commitment of creating and expanding a culture of empowerment.

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