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What Sets Touch A Life’s Global Family Apart:

Understanding Our Sponsorship Model

Touch A Life provides long-term rehabilitative care for children rescued out of slavery and exploitative situations in Ghana, West Africa. As a long-term agency, we receive custody of the children and teenagers we support—these young children and adults are entrusted entirely to our care. This makes us different from other organizations who offer similar opportunities to sponsor and support children in need. While these organizations are doing incredible things to help children in crisis, most are subsidizing costs for children who live with their nuclear families or extended relatives. By contrast, Touch A Life absorbs 100% of the costs for each child in our care, resulting in higher sponsorship costs.

Our Global Family is a campaign that unites our amazing supporters with children in need throughout the world, reminding us all that our families must stretch beyond our backyards and extend beyond our immediate communities.

Annual Budget & The Sponsorship Model

Our typical annual operating budget is $600,000. That means it costs $5,400 to support one child in our program for one year, or $450 per month. This includes:

  • Safe, comfortable lodging, including supervision, love, and support from Ghanaian houseparents
  • Quality medical and dental care, including First Aid supplies and medications
  • Excellent education opportunities, including tuition, books, uniforms, and extracurricular activities
  • Nutritious food and clean water
  • New, well-fitting clothing and shoes, updated frequently to ensure sizing is correct
  • Art healing programming
  • Transportation to school, activities, and appointments

Sponsorship Opportunities

We have a finite number of children in our care, but we’re always seeking to create infinite ways for donors to be involved with our life-changing work. We also understand that, in comparison to similar organizations, the cost of supporting a Touch A Life child is high. As a result, the Global Family Giving Program was born. This allows donors of all giving levels and interests to support the amazing children in our care at various giving levels that can meet each individual donor’s needs and preferences.

Would you consider joining our Global Family giving program today?

We are so grateful for your support!

*Please contact us if you’re interested in sharing sponsorship costs with another donor—we’d love to pair you up with another supporter to cover sponsorship costs for a child in need!

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