It Takes a Village!

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May brings our thoughts to Mother’s Day, a beautiful and sometimes painful holiday. When mother-child relationships don’t meet our expectations, we are thankful for all of the beautiful women who choose to love and support the children around them. They make an impact beyond measure through their love, time, care, discipline, and devotion. We are especially thankful for the women who have stepped in to support and encourage the Touch A Life children and young adults in our care!

The Ma Pams who fight for you, listen to your dreams, cheer you on, and inspire you to dream even bigger. 

The Ma Paulinas who always have a something yummy on the table, who are ready with a laugh or a smile, but make sure you don’t get into too much mischief.

The Auntie Esthers who make sure your resume sparkles, who always have a listening ear, a creative solution, and a nudge in the right direction.

Home » News » It Takes a Village!

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