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Summer Updates From The Care Center

Summer is Here! Hello, Touch A Life Family! HAPPY SUMMER!! We are thrilled to announce we have re-opened the doors of the Care Center to guests and volunteers and our students and staff in Ghana have loved reconnecting with everyone once...

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Find Your Mark *Summer Collection*

Our Summer Line Is Here! Hello, Touch A Life Family! We are so happy to announce our product line, Find Your Mark, has launched a new, beautiful, Summer 2023 Collection! From hand-woven baskets and jewelry, to hand-carved wood...

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A New Vehicle For The Care Center

We Are On The Move! Touch A Life continues to grow and grow, and we have so many places that our children need to go! As a result, we are in need to purchase a used vehicle for our Care Center staff. As good stewards of the...

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Oh, The Places They’ll Go!

Celebrating Transformation Hello, Touch A Life family! I love the Spring season; every year, when it approaches, I am reminded of all the new growth and hope available to us. I know you all enjoy hearing exciting updates about the transformation...

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From Exploitation and Slavery to College Graduation

https://youtu.be/B1yJopRlQgU In December we celebrated our first group of college graduates and it was truly a momentous occasion for us all. Out of slavery and a life of exploitation to college graduation, this is the impact our...

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We Did It! Plus, Roots Ticket Info

You did it! We did it! Thank you so much for your generosity during our end-of-year campaign. Because of you, we met our $25,000 match AND you made sure our next three college graduates' tuitions are paid in full! What a great way to close out 2022...

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Our First Class of College Graduates

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X-FbEFq2AiM It is with great joy that we introduce to you our first class of college graduates! Rescued from child slavery and exploitation, these young adults were among the first group of children brought to Touch...

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Merry Christmas!

Our TAL Team spent a sweet week at the Care Center earlier this month, celebrating our college graduates and ushering in the holiday season. So many of you contributed to Christmas backpacks and blankets for each child and we can’t thank you...

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Our Anniversary Celebration

As we look back on not only this past year, but the last ten years in Kumasi, we have so much to be thankful for! This fall was a landmark moment for us as we celebrated our 10 year anniversary of...

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Celebrating Ten Years in Kumasi

This month marks the 10 year anniversary of the Touch A Life Care Center in Kumasi, and we have so much to celebrate! What started out as ten empty acres of rolling hills is now on the path to becoming a self-sustaining oasis, complete with a...

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