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Selah Art Center was designed in collaboration with Kim Lewis of Vagabond Designs. It is located inside a house boat at the Rapha House facility in Battambang, Cambodia. Rapha House staff and volunteers are instrumental in the fight to end human trafficking and exploitation, and Selah Art Center is one more tool they will use to restore survivors of slavery.

The newly restored houseboat features a Lotus theme throughout the design. The Touch A Life team loves what Kim had to say about her inspiration. “The lotus flower represents purity, faithfulness, and vitality. Vitality is the ability to live, grow, and develop…the power to endure and survive. Growing in muddy waters, the lotus roots can go up to 4 feet deep. The deeper the waters get, the deeper the flower roots down to survive. Yet, all we see on the surface is this delicate, beautiful flower. For the design of the Art Center, I suggested the lotus as our theme for the boat because the girls at Rapha House have persevered through adversity, yet they radiate with pure beauty.”

The Art Center features low tables and floor pillows for projects and instruction, easels both inside and outside, an area for dressing up in costumes, a small stage for performances and presentations, and plenty of shelves stocked with art supplies.

The Rapha House staff will be implementing Art Feeds International curriculum with their students to promote healing through creative expression.

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