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Mike Pike’s Place

The expansions to Mike Pike Place were completed in 2015 and the facility is now serving as staff and intern housing.


In 2013, the Rotary Club of Conway made the decision to partner with Touch A Life Care Center in Ghana to build Mike Pike’s Place in memory of former club member, Mike Pike, who died unexpectedly in 2006 at the age of 43. Mike and fellow Rotarian, Sen. Jason Rapert, were to depart for Ghana the day after Mike died to commission a Rotary water project for which they were project coordinators.

Before his death, Mike had become engaged and planned to adopt a Ghanaian orphan after marriage. In 2013, the Rotary Club of Conway learned that Mike’s mother had left a sizable donation in her will to fund an orphanage project in Ghana. The Rotary Club of Conway agreed to fund the renovations necessary to convert a small director’s house into a long-term housing facility with outdoor bath and shower facilities, screening for the existing front porch, additional furnishings, and a small hut for outdoor living.

Thanks to the generous support of our Rotary partners, the renovations to Mike Pike’s Place were completed in 2015, making the structure a perfect place for long-term volunteers, interns, and staff to stay when they are completing projects and hosting programs at the Care Center. Inside the space, there are two large bedrooms outfitted with bunk beds and clothing storage solutions. There is a communal kitchen and living space as well as an indoor bathroom. Rotary also provided the funding for an outdoor bathroom as well as a covered patio space that overlooks the property.

Because of Mike Pike’s Place, Touch A Life was able to launch the inaugural Summer Collegiate Internship Program in May 2016. Without this structure, Touch A Life would not have had the room to house long-term volunteers. But thanks to Rotary, the Care Center hosted four college interns and one Internship Director for seven weeks while they completed various important projects to further the cause of the organization. The Touch A Life Dallas office greatly benefitted from the projects these college students completed, and we believe their lives were positively changed by the time they spent in Ghana over the summer. The Touch A Life team is excited about how this program will continue to evolve in years to come.

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