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Seth’s Social Center

reflection written by seth’s mother, dana dix

Seth’s Social Center is complete! The pavilion includes a shaded play area, outdoor kitchen, and a beautiful tile mosaic laid into the floor in memory of Seth. Thank you to the Colorado Mosaic Artists for their time, effort and creativity on this project, and thank you to all the donors who made this dream become a reality.

You can read the entire story of how the mosaic came together from Colorado to Ghana on our blog.


In January of 2012, I was watching a re-run of the Oprah Winfrey Show on the OWN Network. It came at just the time that I needed it, as my family and I were suffering an immeasurable loss. This specific episode highlighted an amazing woman named Pam Cope. Her story about rescuing child slaves in Ghana, West Africa, was intriguing to me but one particular part of the story grabbed my attention: this organization was founded due to the fact that this woman’s son died from the exact same rare, undetected heart malfunction that my 25-year-old son had died from just three weeks earlier. Her work began because she needed a mission, and, as I watched the show, I realized that so did I.

This clearly was no coincidence. Not many people have ever even heard of catecholaminergic polymorphic ventricular tachycardia (CPVT), let alone have had a young son die from the condition. This was a sign from God to me about what the next step in my life should be after suffering such an unbearable loss.

Seth was a vivacious 25-year-old who was at the top of his game when he left this earth on December 10th, 2011. He lived in Manhattan and worked as a financial analyst at PPM America. He was a graduate of Wake Forest University where he also was a Division 1 track and field athlete. Seth was a high jumper (he cleared 6’9’’ in high school) and he lived his whole life in a similar form – he was truly high on life, the ever-optimist and positive presence.

After the show aired, I got in touch with Pam. I was able to travel to Ghana with her in October of 2012, and when I saw the newly built Touch A Life Care Center and got to meet the most grateful, caring, and amazing children on the face of this planet, I wanted in. Many of the buildings, both those that had already been constructed and those that still needed to be built, were already sponsored by other families. The next project that needed a sponsor was the open pavilion that would be a gathering place for the children.

Inspired by Seth’s charisma, outgoing personality, love for others, and insatiable passion for life, our family has decided to start fundraising to build Seth’s Social Center. This space will be an area where the Touch A Life children can run around, play, and enjoy the beauties of life. Seth’s motto was Have an adventure every day. We believe that this adventure is one that he would have loved.

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