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Taylor’s House

reflection written by taylor’s neighbor, Jonna Smith

Taylor’s House is currently home to 11 girls at the Touch A Life Care Center. We are so blessed by this structure. Read on to learn more about Taylor’s story.

In church, we learn that we’re supposed to obey God.

I used to think that I had this lesson mastered, believing I followed God everywhere and loved people like he asked. But now, looking back, I realize I had a ways to go.

With a family of four, my own company, teenage daughters, service on the Parent Teacher Organization board,  etc., I had a chaotic schedule. But a couple of years ago—in spite of my busyness—I decided to swing by the public library and get a book. I walked in the door and checked out the first one I found, quickly moving to the next thing on my packed schedule.

The book was Pam’s memoir, Jansten’s Gift.

It moved me in an unusually profound way, and as I read I decided to write to Pam and send a donation to Touch A Life. I discovered she lived in Dallas, TX—just three blocks from my house.

I knew this wasn’t a coincidence. God spoke clearly to me that day, asking me to pick up the phone and get involved with Touch A Life. Less than 24 hours later, I had lunch with Pam and committed to sponsor a house for the Touch A Life Care Center.

I contemplated what I should name it for a long time. Soon after I decided to sponsor a home, a family in my community lost their 13-year-old daughter, Taylor Storch, in a snow skiing accident.

Taylor attended elementary school with my oldest daughter and her brother is the same age as my youngest child. She was full of laughter and kindness, possessing a contagious spirit. When I think of the beautiful Ghanaian children living in a house named after Taylor, I imagine them feeling loved and cared for by Taylor herself.

In spite of my busyness, I decided to take the step of obedience. And I’m so glad I did.

– Jonna Smith

Learn more about Taylor’s legacy: Taylor’s Gift Foundation.

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