By December 2020, our goal is to increase Global Family donations by $5,000 per month or $60,000 annually by recruiting

How are you involved?

  • We are asking you to seek donors within your network who can give on a small level, to encourage supporters to step up— who can’t spare $20 per month, right?—and make a difference.
  • To target new donors, we will provide collateral, resources, and support for a team of Ambassadors – that’s you.
  • You will help us reach new audiences by tapping into your personal networks, both online and in person, and soliciting requests to join our 20/20 campaign of giving $20 per month.

Our goal is to launch this campaign in April and run through the end of 2020. The ambassador who is able to secure the most donors will receive an all paid expense trip to the Care Center.

You will direct donors to where they will learn more about the campaign, donate, and track your referrals.

feed a child for 1 month.

purchase textbooks for a class.

provide medication for a child for 1 year.

Touch a Life
in 2020

Have Questions?

Give us a shout, we’re here to help.

Rachel Brown

Development Director

Hunter Lacey

Media Manager

Sarah Mast

Art Director